What is


Competency In Pest Management Course

Competency is being able to demonstrate that you have the specific knowledge and skills required to perform the tasks related to the “Units of Competency” you have just studied.

You can demonstrate your knowledge and skills by –

Performing a task under observation

Providing documentary evidence such as samples of paperwork

By interview

Or numerous other methods

This manner of assessment demonstrates your knowledge and your ability to carry out a specific task safely and effectively without having to sit a traditional memory test.

Following assessment you will either be recognised as “competent” in each specific unit, or “not yet competent”. Please know you cannot fail with us. If you have not yet fully grasped the knowledge and skills required to complete a unit, we will simply advise you to engage in further practise and / or training, reassessing you at a later date - generally you do not need to be completely reassessed.

The Units of Competency

Core units of competency
Unit CodeUnit Title
CPPCMN3004Respond to enquiries and complaints
CPPUPM3005Manage pests without applying pesticides
CPPUPM3006Manage pests by applying pesticides
CPPUPM3017Maintain, service and repair pest management equipment
CPPUPM3018Maintain equipment and pesticide storage area in pest management vehicles
Elective units of competency

The following are the Units usually taken up by the industry. You can also choose alternatives if you wish.

Unit CodeUnit Title
CPPUPM3008Inspect for and report on timber pests
CPPUPM3010Control timber pests
CPPUPM4001Assess and select pest management vehicle and equipment
CPPUPM4002Schedule, organise and monitor pest management operations
CPPUPM4003Assess and advise on pest management options for sensitive operations
Unit 42
This unit is a requirement for some states and may also be a requirement for the installation of some new building products. Please contact your state licensing body and/or product manufacturers before enrolling in this unit.
Unit CodeUnit Title
CPPUPM3042 (Unit 42)Install termite management systems

It is also possible to study a single Unit of Competency with MPL after discussing with us your individual learning / qualification needs.

Give us a call and we can work out together what best suits you.

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