Refund & Cancellation 



We will NOT issue refunds for:

  • Any paid enrolment that falls within 21 days (or less) prior to the commencement of any face-to-face course, or practical workshop.
  • Any reason, medical or otherwise, once the student’s course has commenced.
  • Students who have paid in full for the course or qualification and wish to no longer attend a practical workshop. Note: practical workshops are a necessary requirement of the course or qualification in which you are enrolled, and additional payment is required to attend practical workshops.
  • Change in student’s work hours
  • Inconvenience of travel to training or assessment
  • Moving interstate
  • Job change or retrenchment
  • Students who leave their employment or withdraw from the course/module qualification before finishing course/module/qualification.
  • Students who have participated in activities of misconduct and have been requested to leave the course before completion.

We will ONLY issue refunds when:

  • An enrolment in any course, workshop or assessment has been cancelled by us.
  • A student gives us written notice 21 days or more prior to commencement of each individual course, qualification, training workshop or “Assessment Only” pathway.
  • Review of RPL indicates that student does not have to undertake the course or part of the course.
  • Student notifies us before the commencement of the course that they are unable to attend due to extended hospitalisation/illness, and/or pregnancy/childbirth (Doctors Certificate Required).

Cancellation Fees

An administration fee of 25% applies for a cancelled enrolment in the following courses:

  • General Pest Management Course
  • Termite and Timber Pest Management Course
  • Individual “assessment only” pathway enrolments
  • Practical workshops
  • Individual training courses
  • In-house training courses
  • Courses developed to encompass specific units of competency.

Student Transfer Policy
for Classes or Workshops

At the discretion of MPL Training Centre Pty Ltd (hereafter referred to as MPL Training Centre), students who do not meet the criteria for a refund may be able to postpone their training to a later date. This is offered on a once only basis. Alternatively students may also change their enrolment to distance education and complete their course by correspondence. Please contact MPL Training Centre for further details – (02) 4322 0331.