MPL Training Materials 


All training materials provided by MPL Training Centre Pty Ltd (hereafter referred to as MPL Training Centre) are protected by Australian Copyright Laws and International Copyright Treaties, as well as other Intellectual Property Laws and Treaties.

The training materials are provided solely for your use when you enrol in one of our courses and therefore cannot be used by or distributed to other individuals or organisations. They remain the copyright property of MPL Training Centre Pty Ltd at all times. You are granted the following rights.

Grant of Use

You are permitted to use the training materials for the purpose of your studies and assessments and as an on-going personal resource as you engage in your work in the Pest Management Industry.

You must not re-print in part or whole any of the training materials provided without permission from MPL Training Centre.

Cancelation of Enrolment

In the case of a cancelled enrolment, you must immediately cease using the copyright material provided by MPL Training Centre.

Further Rights and Limitations

You must always acknowledge the copyright ownership of the paperwork by MPL Training Centre.