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What is Competency?

Competency is being able to demonstrate that you have the specific knowledge and skills required for set of competencies. You can demonstrate competency skills to an assessor by performing a task under observation, or providing documentary evidence such as samples of paperwork, or by oral questioning and/or numerous other methods.

It looks at your ability to carry out a specific task safely and effectively with sound background knowledge, rather than just the traditional memory tests.

At the assessment you will either be deemed “competent” in each specific unit, or “not yet competent”. There is no such thing as a fail. If you are deemed “not yet competent” you will be advised to do further practice or training and you may then be reassessed in areas where you were found to be “not yet competent”. Generally, you do not need to be completely reassessed.

MPL Training Centre Pty Ltd has a solid record of students developing competence expediently and effectively. We are a Training leader in the Pest Management Industry - Australia wide.

Pest Management Qualifications

The Pest Management Competencies have one certificate available. MPL Training Centre Pty Ltd can train and assess you to obtain this certificate or individual units of competency within it.

Statement of Attainment in Pest Management Licensing

This qualification must be completed within 12 months of your enrolment date. It covers the three units required for licensing in your state or territory.

Statement of Attainment in Termites and Timber pests.

This qualification must be completed within 12 months of your enrolment date. It covers the two units required for timber pest management.

The Certificate III in Urban Pest Management

This qualification must be completed within 18 months of your enrolment date. Those on a government funded traineeship must complete within 2 years.

It includes all units required for licensing, termites and timber pest management, as well as other relevant technical units.

National Pest Management Competencies

The following details each individual unit of competency. It also indicates the units you must be competent in, to achieve a formal qualification.

To achieve licensing you require

  • CPPPMT3005 (Unit 5) Manage pests without applying pesticides
  • CPPPMT3006 (Unit 6) Manage pests by applying pesticides
  • CPPPMT3018 (Unit 18) Maintain equipment and pesticide storage area in pest management vehicles

Please note: There may be additional requirements for licensing in your state, please contact the following licensing bodies for this information.

Environment Protection Authority NSW: Phone 02 9995 5555
Environmental Health Branch (Licensing Section) QLD: Phone 07 3328 9310
Dept of Human Services – Pest Control Program Victoria: Phone 1300 767 469

To achieve Timber Pest Accreditation you will require:

  • CPPPMT3008 (Unit 8) Inspect on and report on timber pests
  • CPPPMT3010 (Unit 10) Control timber pests

To achieve licensing for Fumigation you will require:

  • CPPPMT3011 Manage organisms by applying fumigants to commodities and environments

To achieve Certificate III in Urban Pest Management (CPP30115)

To achieve this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in 13 units of competency which consist of:

  • 9 Core units
  • 4 Elective units.

For a complete list of the units for Cert III click here